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Bud-e Launch

Bud-e's digital worldMEDIA RELEASE

Welcome to the magical world of Bud-e Reading!

“Bud-e is a highly engaging, motivating digital and print-based programme. It is theoretically sound and provides experiences validated by research studies as optimal for literacy learning. I am convinced that Bud-e is a most valuable resource to support the complex processes of literacy learning for most children.”  – Dr Libby Limbrick, PhD, MA (Hons), Dip Tchg, MNZOM

Bud-e Reading is a ground-breaking new programme, which has been developed in New Zealand by resident experts to enhance literacy, and introduce children to the world of reading and writing. Designed to motivate beginner readers and build their confidence as they take those precious first steps in their literacy journey, Bud-e prepares children for school and makes learning to read fun, inspiring and rewarding.

Launched globally on April 14, 2015, Bud-e Reading is a unique collaboration between education publisher Global Ed, digital design studio Custard Square and literacy expert and writer, Jill Eggleton. Together, they have created the dynamic and engaging world of Bud-e: a complete digital and print based reading experience for early readers. The recipient of Callaghan Innovation funding, the Bud-e App is highly portable, flexible and creative. It is designed to be used and enjoyed by children and adults working together, and to encourage children, to learn – and play – independently.

For many years, research has demonstrated that if children are to become lifelong learners, they must develop core skills and knowledge in the early years of schooling. Early reading and writing experiences should ensure children develop confidence and independence as readers, positive attitudes to reading, and view reading and writing as rewarding and enjoyable.

The world of Bud-e focuses on Thinking, Talking, Reading and Writing, and introduces children to read and write the most commonly used high-frequency words, in order to launch them into the world of independent reading and writing. Bud-e is a dynamic learning world; one that captures children’s imaginations, engaging with them in both digital and ‘real world’ spaces. The Bud-e programme also contains a unique feature that takes the guesswork and mystery out of teaching children to read. This unique feature is the ‘Teacher Focus Panel’ that can be seen on the right hand side of every spread of the printed books. The panel prompts the teacher in introducing or reinforcing the skills that are appropriate for each stage of literary development, guiding them every step of the way in teaching their child to read.

Featuring a free to download digital App and associated series of engaging picture books, the world of Bud-e introduces young readers’ to friendly little alien Bud-e, who has fallen out of Bubblo and needs to get back home. Throughout the journey, cute alien character Bud-e is their friend, guide and mentor; helping them to navigate seamlessly from one learning experience to another. To progress, children must pass key learning milestones in order to unlock activities and games within the room. Their learning progress and literacy experiences can then be captured and communicated back to both parents and educators.

Bud-e Reading has been carefully vetted and endorsed by esteemed educator, Dr Libby Limbrick, who says in her Research Paper, It is evident that the Bud-e Digital programme is informed by a robust theory of literacy development; the content and structure provide sound, research-based experiences to support the development skills and knowledge which are validated by a wide body of research as essential for early literacy development; and is consistent with the Core Standards expected to be achieved by the end of the kindergarten year at school.”

Limbrick went on to say, “Furthermore, [Bud-e] is a motivating programme with a digital game at its heart with which children can engage at home, as well as in other early literacy learning contexts. For many years research studies have emphatically argued, with strong evidence, that reading begins at home, and more recently that for children in the 21st century, literacy learning activities with a digital platform are pivotal to children’s engagement.”

Dr Libby Limbrick’s full report can be read online here:

The Bud-e Reading programme launches on April 14, 2015 when it will be available for sale in bookshops and e-tailers nationwide. The following products will be available then:

  • The free to download Bud-e Digital App
  • Out of Bubblo picture book (RRP: $19.99)
  •  Bud-e Creativeworkbook (RRP: $4.99)
  •  Bud-e Small Books, volumes 1-20($6.99 each).

The Bud-e App and associated games are supported by all major tablet devices (Windows Tablet, iOS and Android). 

Jill EggletonJILL EGGLETON is an international educational consultant in literacy and author of over 800 children's books with a wide variety of teaching experiences, spanning over 30 years. She is highly regarded internationally and throughout New Zealand, where she works with classroom teachers, administrators, reading specialists and consultants in school districts, implementing practical literacy programmes and sharing her expertise. Jill is the creator and author of the Connectors Series' andKey Links Literacy, a very successful reading programme encompassing all aspects of comprehensive literacy. Over 55 million copies of these books have been sold internationally. Her work in education and literacy within New Zealand and around the world was recognised in the 2010 New Zealand Honour’s List, when she was made a Companion of the Queen’s Service Order.

BUD-E DIGITAL was founded by Directors Chris Bulman, Jill Eggleton and Tracy Strudley in 2014. Between them, they have many years of experience in the fields of education, publishing and technology, where they have held key positions of influence. Bud-e Digital has already been bought by distributors in several Asian markets, including South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines, where they plan to make Bud-e integral to their schools’ national curriculums. From here, Bud-e will be rolled out to other markets, including South Africa, North America and Australia.

DR LIBBY LIMBRICK is a Principal Lecturer in the School of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland. From 2001 to 2004, she led a consortium of Auckland College of Education, Christchurch College of Education and Dunedin College to win a major contract with the Ministry of Education to develop and implement a qualification for a new position Resource Teachers: Literacy. She continues to coordinate this qualification, a Postgraduate Diploma of Education – Literacy specialisation.Her research interests and teaching are in literacy education, especially in respect to working with students who have literacy learning difficulties. Libby Limbrick is the Chairperson of Storylines Children's Literature Charitable Trust of New Zealand. She was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to education in 2015.

GLOBAL ED (GES) is a leading educational publishing company based in New Zealand that exports to the world. Global Ed publishes modern literacy material and supporting teacher resources for students’ ages 5 to 12 years. The overall aim of all their resources is to equip students with a burning desire to become life-long readers and writers. Director, Jill Eggleton and Sales & Marketing Director, Tracy Strudley founded global Ed in 2004.

CUSTARD SQUARE is a digital design studio focused on meeting the increasing demand from the EdTech and Edutainment sectors. Established by innovative business leader Chris Bulman in 2010, the studio boasts a talentedteam of developers, designers and artists. Together, they have captivated audiences with theirvisual storytelling through exciting gameplay, stunning characters and creative animation.Chris’s focus is on the digital side of the Bud-e brand, which draws on his team’s experience in visual story-telling, and creative and exciting animation and gameplay.



Media contact: Sarah Thornton / Thornton Communications / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / (09) 479 8763 / 021 753744